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Indie Gamers Launches

Discussion in 'Forum News and Info' started by intradox, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. intradox

    intradox Human Admin Staff Member Administrator

    I am a:
    Hi everyone!

    Today I'm excited to announce that my newest forum and site, Indie Gamers has launched. It actually uses the same login as your Starbound accounts.

    Indie Gamers is hopefully going to become a popular destination for discovering and discussing your favorite indie games. For more popular games such as Starbound, Castle Story, and CubeWorld, we will have separate forums but many indie games are not as popular but still have fan bases. By having a unified login that you can use for your favorite indie games, it will hopefully help indie developers increase their fan base.

    IMPORTANT: If you have an account here on SBF, simply login on TigForum with the same email and password on here and an account will be created.

    I am open as always to feedback and simply want the indie gaming community to enjoy being a part of it.
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  2. Rokas

    Rokas Criminal Scum

    hmmm.. nope i cant log in...
  3. intradox

    intradox Human Admin Staff Member Administrator

    I am a:
    ah sorry. you have to use the email and password from this forum. It's linked via email and then username once you do the initial linking. I have a sync script I'll run this weekend to hook everyone up.
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